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At My Solar Greens & Purps, we are committed to promoting Sustainable green solar energy. We want change for our beloved Mother Earth. She deserves to be loved and provided for the same way she has done for us.

Using the sun’s solar power is a great way to living a greener life. Sleep better at night knowing you are doing your part to ensure a better future for generations to come.

Break free from outrageous energy bills and power outages.

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                    Solar Power for Cultivation Facilities


Kush in greenhouse


A lot of cannabis growers are struggling with the extensive amount of carbon footprint that is required for producing weed. A huge amount of energy is consumed when growing marijuana. There are major monetary rewards for cannabis cultivators who figure out a construction method to minimize the environmental footprint.

There are different kinds of lights that can be used for growing cannabis. We can help you find the best deals on solar lights. We want to do what is best for the environment.You can expect us to do whatever it takes to find the best deals for you. You’ll not be disappointed with us. We’ll find great deals on solar lights through our affiliates. Our affiliates might also give warranties on the solar lights.

Many growers are trying to minimize the amount of energy, water and pesticides utilize in growing cannabis. 29 states in the United State of America have legalized marijuana.

However, not any of the states have implemented strict eco-friendly cannabis growing regulations. Cannabis growers can switch to solar energy for growing cannabis.

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